William hill вики

William Hill — это Что такое William Hill?

William Hill является одной из старейших букмекерских контор в мире.

В этом материале мы рассказываем какие этапы развития прошла компания, почему в начале ей пришлось вести свою работу нелегально и как все изменилось после смерти основателя. Это одна из немногих букмекерских контор, которая сохранила в названии имя основателя.

Если бы Уильям Хилл, простой паренёк из Бирмингема, знал. William Hill. 20,3 тыс. подписчиков. William Hill. 1,1 млн просмотров 1 год. Текущее видео. ANTHONY JOSHUA vs KSI Part 2: Swing Bar Challenge | William Hill Boxing. William Hill. William Hill. 1 млн просмотров 11 месяцев. Текущее видео.

William Hill букмекерская контора: официальный сайт, линия, ставки на спорт в БК Вильям Хилл

ANTHONY JOSHUA vs KSI Part 3: Tennis Ball Challenge | William Hill Boxing. William Hill. William Hill. тыс. просмотров 11 месяцев. #RuizJoshua2. Букмекерская контора William Hill — проверена! Ставки на спорт в БК ► обзор условий ► вывод средств ► мобильное приложение. Обзор зеркала William Hill. Рабочее зеркало на сегодня / 27 октября Скачать актуальное зеркало Вильям Хилл на Андроид / Айфон и ПК. Вход в личный кабинет прямо. ✪ БК William Hill – одна из самых крупных контор мира родом из Соединенного Королевства.

Основана в году человеком, давшим учреждению свое имя – Вильям Хилл.

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  1. 10 pounds bets on a 100 to 1 roulette… split the money in 4 bets been winning 2 3 times a week .. 300 and 400 £ at the time 10 £ a day you win you get out you lose you get out dont be greedy… result

  2. I love playing roulette at William hill only. Shame about the £2 spin shit on all machines though, I always seem to make out ok though

    1. Er ist mega Geldgeil. Den halben Gewinn beansprucht der Mann von den Gewinnen. Finde ich mega überzogen.

  3. These machines do nasty things to your mind, at 1 point i was masturbating in Ladbrokes toilet to the sound of the spin.

  4. Go and spend the money treating your loved ones instead. Much more satisfying

    1. Guy is working for casinos you morons They pay him for advertising this vice and to show how money comes from the sky. stupid fools.

    2. Have you been to Vegas before SnS? If not give me a shout, 14 times veteran here, be happy to help you. Good luck.

  5. I would like to request to the government please close this kind of Gambling in the uk

  6. When I used to play these machines in Coral. If you pressed spin at exactly the same time on two different machines, the same number would come up every time. Dont know if this means if its legit or not, just saying.

  7. You know these machines are made for you to lose you might aswell go to. A real casino

  8. You had such good profit from those machines. You’re so stupid for wasting it all 😂

  9. why does his winnibgs constantly jump from 0 to hundreds with no win but following a loss……very suspicious

  10. Sure I’ll comment.. I bet the bookies hate it when you come in the door Hahahah

  11. I would been out there buy now once I hit the 1 grand

  12. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  13. Its always an idea to have at least one number which is capable of returning a big win — wow, what does that even mean?

    1. Think he means have a big amount on atleast 1 number hoping that 1 number comes in at some point

  14. Best thing they did putting them machine to 2 pounds max they were fucking peoples lifes up horrible fucking things

  15. They all ways get there money back with intrest its not worth it it will hunt u spoil your day u lose more then u win keep your money in yout wallet

  16. Omg bro why do not you play the line ?? This roulette i see play the Line.. look the number 36 23 10 and 19 25 2 28 32 22 4 22, 5 10 16 5..

  17. I only bet on 5 and 10 of i was there I will hit over 1000 paunds profit

  18. These are just fruit machines all linked up together play these u lose end of no skill just pure luck

  19. Whats hilarious are all these ex gamblers who watch these videos just to moan about the machines. WHY the fuck are you watching

  20. a few times he said the outcome before the ball landed ? how was he guessing the exact number the sound isnt out of sync so it isnt that

    1. A trained eye will be able to calculate quite accurately just watching the speed of the ball. Especiallyat at the table he´s playing because the ball doesnt start bouncing around as soon as it hits the numbers. It runs smooth and predictable until it stop. No sudden moves like in real life roulette.

  21. I win by putting my £2 on green 0 and just keep repeating the bet lol or pick your favourite number and stick with it.

  22. another deluded goose thats convinced hes will win at roulette. News for you mate….there is no system. YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE!!!

  23. You need a better strategy and good betting system..i saw the way you play..you play like a kid without any idea on what happen..but if your purposed is to play not to win i think its ok😆

  24. I guess it depends how much money this guy has got??? If I was rich Id love to play slot machines etc. even though Id lose money in the long run. Id see it as entertainment. People that cant afford it or trying to double their dole money are just asking for a nightmare! I wont use the word stupid cos I know how bloody addictive these things are, and Ive lost hundreds on the damn things over the years!

  25. witnessed bet place on lucky 8 roulette numbers covered
    46,47 lucky, and number 49 the bet was a £10.00 stake the ball only spun 6
    times on these numbers covered when the bet was changed to number 1 on the
    roulette guess what number came out after it was changed number 46 this is not
    fair game play in my view and apparently these machines are rigged by teasing
    you its bias crooked and unfair roll on the £2.00 stake in April apparently in
    my view the bookmakers are just thieving from the public lets make sure we can
    get advertising and online  regulated or
    limited or best even banned through the way these companies operate with  TV advertising


     some one gave me this in my campaign against FOBTS I have evidence of people with Ladbrokes
    stating they are not concerned about this. The real problem is online also.
    Where they can spend thousands in seconds. I am in talks with ministers and mps
    regarding a radical change. I am in talks with the UKGC also regarding Ladbrokes.
    I am in possession of NDAS from the GVC brand and also the threats they have. 

    I also have someone senior in Ladbrokes willing to speak up regarding the
    casino. He states they have evidence of losing accounts. They have people that
    know you will lose money. My advise avoid gambling especially Ladbrokes

  26. Hes betting numbers but it seems too be getting alot red numbers lol its fixed too beat you darling 😃😃 wake up and smell the fucking coffee lol 😃😃

    1. Tim TimIe me too lost of money in Ladbroke now I not still England I returned to Thailand ..:))

  27. Won £350 on you Manchester United game yesterday then lost the lot on roulette , horrible horrible machines these. Won’t be gambling on roulette ever again. Roll on April!

  28. On the 24th mi ite turn it off if u get annoyed with his bets from there

  29. im suprised you havnt worked out yet that numbers wont come because they seem due. the reason the machine repeats the same numbers reguarly is because the numbers are randomly chosen from pre determined sets that keeps within being able to claim random selection. next time you start to see a number repeating whack it and your winnings will go through the roof. you have to read the history if the machine is putting out new numbers then keep doing new numbers. you need to get in the mind of the programmer

    1. doh1959 yea if ur so smart why u watching other people play roulette on YouTube, these machines are rigged and pay out when the machine has made profit, the bookies wouldn’t be able to stay open if they spewed out money there and then😤all these idiots coming up with there theories

  30. Video liked. Everything is competent and meaningful mk,..

  31. 13 minutes in bets get silly and I got bored but well done on comeback

    1. Daniel Russell doesn’t always end up like that, this guy would have sat and easily put over 800 quid in that machine and still go on to win nothing. You can tell the geezer has no self control when he’s just piling in £20 notes and lumping £50 a spin on. Fair play a great win this time but I dread to think what the lads lifetime win/loss ratio is, will be sickening

    2. He didnt stop after he put 400 in. He won 1300 out of it so he had a 900 profit.

  32. This is roulette in Ladbroke I’m lost of money in Ladbroke to many time ..:)) hahaha..:))

  33. You were robbed £36 ? NO: 1 dropped paid £72 for a £4 split 1 & 4 , £4:@ 17/1= £68+£4= £72 .
    Didn:t pay £6 split 3ways @ 5/1 . 7/10 & 1 to 12…? Not got mi specs on.

  34. Yes fair Enough hes won but Ive never understood why people back a number to return lower than their stake…..
    Like a £50 spin to win £36 Whats point?

  35. Come on mate be honest —— you cashed in after you finished the video then thought to yourself I might as well put the £300 back in and keep a grand….Theres only one winner

  36. I know what number it is as soon as it starts spinning.. thats bad isnt it lol

  37. This is the gambling tactic of a man that has no limits on what he gambles.

  38. It is cursed money. Money of fellow man looser. Robbery by mutual agreement. If you win and take them with you your fun will stop, if you lose your fun will stop. So only win is be out of it.

  39. you wont win a farthing on FOBTS and I will give you an
    example seen bets  on single numbers for
    example bets placed on number 36 ….7 times  consecutively after the bet was switched for
    example number  20 bet placed guess what
    number came in  number 36 this proves
    these machines rigged April 2019 will be coming soon and it will be £2.00  per bet the bookmaker has only destroyed his
    self by his greed  and not fair game play
    they are nothing more than vampires and just exploit people in other words

    1. @samantha davidson they will not existing without people wanting to be robbers

    2. @Rime Sai im confused i dont think we want to be thieves be the bookmaker is just legalised thieves ok best wishes

  40. You may win big today but youll lose more than you win the next day because you cant stop, the buzz you get from winning keeps you playing because you think you can win one more roll. Thats what i used to say just one more win then i would end up losing everything. The only way you can win is not to play in the first place

  41. Hi dude I play roulette on 888casino a lot but I’m new to playing on Machines in bookies.. that red bar on the right hand side when it comes down so far the wheel doesn’t spin ect. PLEASE can you give me a quick guide on why it does that Please 🙏🙏 many thanks Adam

  42. not long now once the £2.00 stake comes in thats it the game
    is up only a few weeks left my next task is to restrict online and TV
    advertising which I know I will succeed one of the reasons why I have be so successful
    in restricting the fobts is basically I was totally infuriated by these
    machines in the way they operate in my view is was just legalised theft by the
    software company whom made them which is connected to a server which is monitored
    by bookmaking staff now in other words I will never stop submitting evidence to
    the Westminster government about the harm these machines do to people you can
    check there website out if they were never so greedy this would never have came
    about the £2.00 stake so no sympathys

    witnessed bet place on lucky 8 roulette numbers covered
    46,47 lucky, and number 49 the bet was a £10.00 stake the ball only spun 6
    times on these numbers covered when the bet was changed to number 1 on the
    roulette guess what number came out after it was changed number 46 this is not
    fair game play in my view and apparently these machines are rigged by teasing
    you its bias crooked and unfair roll on the £2.00 stake in April apparently in
    my view the bookmakers are just thieving from the public lets make sure we can
    get advertising and online  regulated or
    limited or best even banned through the way these companies operate with  TV advertising


    someone posted this on my campaign against the FOBTS hope it
    helps I also enclose a link to SG GAMING which is a FOBT supplier to High
    street bookmakers it may enlighten you regarding server based systems which is
    controlled by casino management and also a EPOS system once you click on the SG
    GAMING website it will enlighten you just navigate to products server based systems
    and read how SG GAMING OPERATE

    1. And what about just getting a online account and gambling hundreds and thousands indoors on your own has that been stopped….. Nope

  43. Love watching the old roulette videos, fond memories of loosing £4K a week on these!

  44. really great session…. total wins £2916.60 spins cost £2692.60 so for your original £400 you put in CASH you lost £24….. you took out £1300 but that isnt profit or even winning you got mugged !!!

  45. Thats not a big win! I have won 1,800 at Williams Hill. I used to bet hard. I was a gambler with balls…

    1. Well done good for you give yourself a pat on the back you was a proper bookies bunter who built there businesses 😂😂

  46. I literally won 900$ yesterday playing roulette I had 200$ and just bet big every time and got up to $1100 and cashed out best game to play at a casino.

  47. Everybody going yipee these big £100 are gone now ? Wrong the online bookies roulette do not have a betting limit so really its just transfering the problem online while costing alot of people there jobs ?

    1. They do have a limit you cant put a £1000 on one number think max is £50 I agree you can bet a lot but there is a limit

  48. hi you are real good. Well done. Can you explain your gameplay? giving some tricks of yours u using? for yout followers
    Thanks in advance

  49. Rip off now roulette now max 2 pound killed the game. The idiots that limited it and banned 10 pounds scratch cards are dumb

  50. Seen people continue to pump notes into these machines for hours for some random to walk in pump a 20 note in and walk out with half of what my pals just put in. Mental odds Im sure the cc tv guys control who wins back at main H Q haha

  51. M8 nothing on ten or 0 at least cover your neighbours. All so walk away with 400 in a bookies really you should keep the 70

    1. The glory years…
      Youve not felt real terror until your credit says £100 and you spin the lot.

  52. A have lost grands to much lost a lot of friends family and everything in my house lol

  53. Ah gone are the days of massive takes out of the roulette, took £2760 one machine then £1600 from the one next to it and they banned me. |So now its small amounts, each day every day. bummer.